• Post time: Mar-22-2021

            2021 New Arrival Plaster in Profile for Drywall Architectural Lighting Project Series Without edge series has a simple and beautiful appearance, and the ultra-thin size does not take up space. It not only has good lighting effect, but also can be used as wall art decor...Read more »

  • Post time: Aug-28-2020

    1. Vulcanization, chlorination, bromination The silver-plated layer on the LED bracket will generate silver sulfide when it touches sulfur-containing gas, while touching acidic nitrogen-containing chlorine and bromine gas will generate light-sensitive silver halide, which will cause the light sou...Read more »

  • Post time: Aug-04-2020

    Because of its high brightness and low energy consumption, LED light bars are often used in building decoration, advertising light boxes, jewelry display stands and other constant-light equipment, but what aspects should be considered when customizing LED light bars? 480leds/m COB LED Strips Whit...Read more »

  • Post time: Jul-13-2020

    NEW COB Strip  LED DOTS FREE                   FEATURES The design. 1. COB design, up to 576pcs chips per meter, only 1.89mm distance between chips, dotless lighting without any light spot. 2. Fine as a bright line. Only 3.0mm width, flexible enough ...Read more »

  • Post time: Jul-07-2020

    The origin of “neon” The neon lamp, born in 1898, is to inject a rare gas, neon, into a vacuum glass tube, and then connect the metal electrodes enclosed in both ends of the glass tube to a high-voltage power source, which strikes the neon in the tube under the action of a high-voltag...Read more »

  • Post time: Jun-11-2020

    Silicone led extrusion is made from high quality Silicone, and is designed for flexible LED strips that are 8 – 11mm wide. Standard Silicone soft end caps and aluminum mounting clips are used for the extrusion as supplementary accessories. End caps protect the extrusion from dust and other ...Read more »

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