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  • Post time: 03-29-2019

    As a green industry, LED industry has many advantages, such as environmental protection, health, energy saving, etc. But looking at it, domestic LED only accounts for about 15% of the lighting market share, which is still a long way from 30% to 50% in developed countries. In the future, the LED i...Read more »

  • Another Revolution in the Lighting Industry
    Post time: 02-21-2019

    Since the LED enters the field of lighting, the world lighting form has undergone tremendous changes. As we can see that some leading companies are in a precarious position, they are actively adjusting their develop direction, one of which is dimming lighting and system control. When it comes to...Read more »

  • Post time: 01-11-2019

    LED Neon Flex silicone extrusion is an award winning, dot-free flexible linear light fixture. Unlike cheap knockoffs and bulk rope lighting, LED Neon Flex is engineered to last. We have spent years perfecting the manufacturing process to create a solution that encases the latest light engine tec...Read more »

  • Matelec Fair, Madrid, Spain
    Post time: 10-11-2018

    Matelec is an international exhibition of electrical and electronic equipment and one of the most important industrial trade fairs in Spain. It offers the latest and most effective developments for the professionals of the sector. Matelec maintains permanent ties with the electrical sector and ...Read more »

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