2021 New Arrival Plaster in Profile for Drywall Architectural Lighting Project Series





2021 New Arrival Plaster in Profile for Drywall Architectural Lighting Project Series

Without edge series has a simple and beautiful appearance, and the ultra-thin size does not take up space.
It not only has good lighting effect, but also can be used as wall art decoration to appreciate.
Keep the space exquisite visual malleability, and let designers have more choices of linear design extension.


The double-sided design of the with edge series makes the laminates seamlessly connected, suitable for decorative lines,
Short and small bilateral occupies a small space, natural and comfortable space lighting,
Let the indoor light be bright , soft and comfortable, and the decoration design is more exquisite.

with edge series

The Floor installation series seamlessly integrate with other building structures, bringing visual enjoyment,
And the light is warm and bright, which can meet the lighting design required by different scenes.
Let the ground also bloom with the charm of light. The elegant edging shape makes the stair steps and the corners of the walls are more elegante.

Floor series

The closing wall washer series focus on lighting on the wall, and the smooth light feeling of wall washing,
Can keep the space transparent and refreshing. Linear lights can bring better visual malleability,
Make the space deeper, and the linear lighting is softer, The formation of light and dark contrast is also more richer, and it will not affect the environmentoutside the specific wall.

close wall series

The internal and external corner series emphasize the effect of edge closing, reducing wall damage,
Make wall decoration more three-dimensional beauty. The combination of simple line lights and soft light photography creates a fashionable shape and light and shadow effects.
Highlight the ultimate beauty of internal and external corner lighting.

internal and external corner series

The flat embedded series has a streamlined structure and diverse modeling changes.
The linear light is bright, and creating a bright and comfortable atmosphere.
The embedded installation method perfectly integrates the led strip with the wall,
showing the beauty of the lighting design.

pre embedded series

The anti-glare polarized light series focusing on the effect of seeing the light in the room but can’t seeing the presence of the lamp.
When we light up the traditional lights,not only the luminous surface is obvious, but also makes people feel dazzling and dizzy.
However, the anti-glare polarized series has a special structure to make the light soft and not dazzling.
The polarized light washes the wall and distributes the light evenly, showing the beauty of visual light effect.

anti-glare series

Post time: Mar-22-2021
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