LED industry advantage

As a green industry, LED industry has many advantages, such as environmental protection, health, energy saving, etc. But looking at it, domestic LED only accounts for about 15% of the lighting market share, which is still a long way from 30% to 50% in developed countries. In the future, the LED industry will further enhance the degree of industrial agglomeration, and the superior resources will be closer to the superior enterprises. How to make the LED industry grow? New technologies are developing in secret, leading the LED industry to a new future.


Firstly, the development of chips and packaging links is rapid. Optical efficiency is improving, flip chip, high voltage chip, COB, EMC, CSP packaging and other technologies have developed.


Secondly, although CSP and flip-flop Gold-free wire packages have been launched by device factories in the past two years, they have finally become popular this year. In addition, the market performance of phosphor products related to high-profile index is outstanding this year.


Thirdly, high-power industrial and mining lamps and floodlights made of EMC device products imitating integrated packaging mode are gradually being sought after. With the development of automotive lighting modularization, market stability needs to be expanded. For example, headlights and turning lights are very attractive market cakes.


Fourthly, intelligent lighting solutions, home and business place intelligent solutions become market baboons. Intelligent lighting is becoming more and more popular, which is a trend and challenge.


Nowadays, the advantages of chip packaging technology are emerging, industrial equipment expands rapidly, display field extends, backlight is leading in small spacing, and intelligent lighting is gradually leading the way. Plant lighting, medical lighting, agricultural lighting and other market segments are also gradually expanding, and has been concerned by the industry.

Post time: Mar-29-2019
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