2019 New Arrival IP67 Waterproof Flexible Silicone Extrusion


LED Neon Flex silicone extrusion is an award winning, dot-free flexible linear light fixture. Unlike cheap knockoffs and bulk rope lighting, LED Neon Flex is engineered to last.

We have spent years perfecting the manufacturing process to create a solution that encases the latest light engine technology in an impact resistant, weatherproof housing.

Our product line comes with a wide array of features allowing lighting designers and specifiers the ability to select the right light for the job.

Whether it’s interior cove lighting or a large exterior array with interactive elements we’re confident we have what you need.

We stand behind all of our fixtures with a 3-year 50,000 hour, limited warranty and are happy to assist with your project from start to finish.

Feel free to browse through our line of CE/RoHS certified, UL compliant products below, and if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

https://www.sjtech-led.com/1616f-siclicon-led-strip-channels.htmlhttps://www.sjtech-led.com/1018f-flexible-sicnicon-led-profile.htmlflexible silicone led profile

flexible silicone led extrusion-1flexible silicone led extrusion

flexible silicone led profile-1flexible silicone led profile-2


Post time: Jan-11-2019
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